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There's a major gap in the WordPress ecosystem

Consider the number of ways you can build a WordPress website: installing an existing theme. creating a custom one, using a page builder, Gutenberg, headless and a probably a couple more approaches that are slipping my mind.

This variety reflects the shear size and technical diversity of the developer community. Every month there are over 3,500 searches on Google US for ‘wordpress developer’, and if you check WordPress own job board you’ll see that most roles are technical. They don’t even have a category for marketing or sales roles.

We need more sales & marketing folk to help WordPress businesses grow
Not so much for the larger players but for the solopreneurs and startups that are finding it increasingly harder to get traction.

The market has matured and become crowded. Got an idea for a product or service? Chances are someone else has already launched it. Or a cash-rich player comes along, copies your idea and sells it to their extensive user base.

To fight back devs need to expand their skill set and start marketing themselves, which isn’t easy and hard to fit into an already busy schedule.

A place where WordPress businesses can find business talent
Most WordPress businesses are too small to hire someone full-time so you’ll find job and role types for shorter-term engagements too.

It’s free to post a job if you’re a team of up to three people. Every other WordPress business pays $99 for a 30-day listing and if you’re not a WordPress business you’ll pay twice that. Hosting providers fall in the latter category.

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Attracting Marketers and Sales folk to the ecosystem

Working for a WordPress business offers a ton of benefits and is very satisfying. Just look at the smile on people’s faces when they attend a WordCamp!

The role of this website is to articulate this and, hopefully, get people interested. It shouldn’t be a hard sell.

Job lists are half the story here. The plan is to grow a community folk can learn from each other.