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Let me help you set a solid foundation for growth

I’ve worked with many micro-businesses and solopreneurs struggling with Marketing. Some didn’t know where to start and others trying their best it in their spare time but not achieving any results.

The truth is that Marketing is hard, and like most disciplines, it’s a process. To understand what’s invovled read my Marketing A WordPress Product? Start Here post.

Bear in mind that the market is saturated and noisy. The bigger players spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year trying to grab attention.

A tip: most of the tactics made by experts in LinkedIn or MarTech platforms will not work unless you get the fundamentals right first.

Who is this for?

I’ve designed this package for the type of people and companies I have worked before and know well:

  • Technical founders that don’t have time to learn and execute Marketing
  • WordPress agencies and product businesses that already have Marketing resources but lack a strategy and planning
  • WordPress entrepreneurs launching new products to the market

Marketing Foundation package

Here’s what you get, working closely with me.

  • Discovery5 Hours

Starting with a questionarie for you and a customer survey.

  • Strategy Development20 Hours

Researching your key segments, channels, market and competitors, and delivering a high level Marketing Strategy and Positioning Framework. Keeping in context of your commercial objectives.

  • Planning15 Hours

Kicking off with a planning session to identify key activities, channels, KPIs, and resources you need to make it all happen. Aiming for quick wins but planning for the long term.

I will use all of the above to create a 12-month Marketing plan, and provide a bundle of templates and assets to get going.


A Launch Plan to announce a new or updated product to make as much noise as possible in the channels were you are most likely to find customers.

This works defines and validates all of your future Marketing efforts.


The process itself is going to provide a ton of value. Here are the tangible assets I will produce for you:

  • A Marketing Playbook covering strategy, the market and competitor landscape and high-level planning.
  • A 12-month Marketing Plan delivered as an online calendar and including the list of keywords and media and partner contacts I will have discovered
  • Your businesses Marketing Operating System – the tech stack, templates, and tasks to get going (based on my own set up)
  • A Launch Plan for announcing your next product

Cost, timings & process

The Marketing Foundation Package is priced at USD $3,400.

It’s typically a 1-month long exercise and it’s priced based on an hourly rate of USD $85 / hour. If your budget doesn’t stretch that much there are ways to reduce it – ask me how.

The process is linear but quite granular – a Marketing Strategy has many moving parts. Everything is hosted and managed online, of course, and I will need your input at different points.

I can help with execution too

Once the project is over it will be clear to you what you need to do and what kind of resources you need.

I can help you find the right resources, train them and keep on working with you in an advisory capacity.

Let's talk

If you have 30 minutes free I can explain in much more detail what I am offering, including. 

Examples of past work and results achieved
My online planning tool (Airtable)
Brainstorming some initial ideas
Get in touch
About me

Portrait photo of Lawrence LadomeryHi, I am Lawrence Ladomery, a 20+ year veteran of the digital space, and have been helping WordPress businesses with Marketing since 2017.

You can learn more about me on my personal website or LinkedIn.