We cover the... 'what happens after a WordPress website is launched' part

Most WordPress ‘media’ – news sites, forums, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc… talk about development and design.

We’re here to cover topics that are less popular but just as important: business, management and operational practices that help WordPress websites succeed. 

The focus is on Marketing, which is becoming an increasingly important skills for developers and designers. 

We are a job board too!

This site was originally conceived as a job board listing Sales & Marketing jobs for WordPress businesses with a blog attached. Now it’s the other way round.

If you’re looking to advertise a role you can check pricing here. Solopreneurs and startups can post for free.

Who we are

WP Biz Dev is owned and operated by Lawrence Ladomery, a seasoned Marketer with 20+ years of experience in building, managing, and marketing websites.

There are also a number of people working behind the scenes helping with the more technical stuff.

Get in touch if you have any questions or ideas on how we can collaborate.