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New to WordPress?

By Lawrence Ladomery

11 February 2024

If you’re new to WordPress and want to work for a WordPress business… you really need to learn the platform.

To get a sense of  how to build a website but also how to extend functionality via a vast library of plugins. The good news is that it’s not hard. But you’ll find yourself tinkering around a lot.

Start by using the tools and functions you get once you install WordPress, which comes (at the time of writing) packaged with the Twenty Twenty Four theme.

Typically you will need to signup for hosting to get going. WordPress isn’t SaaS, but if you Google ‘WordPress Hosting’ you will find providers that install it for you with one click. One of these is called InstaWP and allows you to spin up a new WordPress site for free for a couple of days.

A word of warning: there are many ways you can build a website in WordPress. There are a bunch of ‘page builders’ that provide building tools layers on top of WordPress core functionality. For example, we use Bricks Builder for this website. It’s not the best option for newbies, though.

There are also a ton of online resources for newbies. Search for them on YouTube.

Don’t attempt to build anything too complex. As a growth Pro, you just need to understand how the tool works and the different types of audiences you need to reach.

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