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Our mission is to help WordPress businesses and the broader WordPress ecosystem grow.
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A community of WordPress community of business owners, operators and growth professionals

WP BizDev is a community of WordPress professionals who are looking to grow their ventures, connect, learn and share. All in the spirit of open source.

  • Developers or small teams seeking (and giving advice) about growth
  • WordPress product businsess scaling up
  • Hosting or SaaS companies in market with WordPress-related offerings
  • Marketing, Sales and Business Development professionals working, or aspiring to work, in the WordPress ecosystem

We talk about all things Marketing, Sales, Business Development and what’s needed operationally to make growth happen.

The community is not open to everyone. You need to fall into one of the categories above and have a ‘WordPress backstory’ to share. If you don’t, you can still join but must be genuinely interested in WordPress. Here’s a tip: start a WordPress project! 

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