Lawrence Ladomery

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I’m half Italian, half Hungarian, and half Australian (and not particularly good at math) and living in Melbourne, Australia.

I originally studied Architecture but fell in love with ‘digital’ instead. This was before Facebook and WordPress, and when we had to dial into the internet.

I’ve spent half my career building and managing websites and the other half Marketing them.

I am a tea-total vegan (somewhat counterintuitively), still playing soccer and snowboarding when I can, a fan of AS Roma and listen to electronic music.

WordPress Backstory

I came across WordPress around 2007 – 2008 but found it too hard to use, so I opted for Textpattern to build websites. In 2010 I joined an ad agency where they built brand and campaign websites using WordPress. That\\\’s when I became familiar with the platform.

But it wasn\\\’t until 2017 that I fully embraced WordPress and the community. I joined a local web hosting company as Marketing Manager and looked after the WordPress hosting brand. I was lucky enough to sponsor and attend a couple of WordCamps.