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Interview | 23 March 2024

Interview: Igor Ligay of Stylemix Themes

Igor Ligay is the co-founder of Stylemix Themes, a plugin and theme development business that is one of the Top 20 bestselling authors on Envato Market.

Tell us about your career – how did you get started and what are you doing now?

In 2007, during my second year at university, my cousin Victor pitched an idea that changed everything. Alongside friends Arseniy and Alexander, we founded Stylemix Themes, aiming to design websites for local and global businesses.

The turning point came in 2011-2012 when we decided to create themes for Building on our WordPress expertise, we launched our first WP theme on the platform. Realizing the limitations of custom themes, we boldly shifted our focus from services to products. This strategic move allowed us to expand globally and thrive. Customer feedback drove our innovations, leading to themes tailored for industries like Education and Car Dealerships.

MasterStudy LMS screenshot

Until March 2021, our growth was driven by Themeforest, with a significant boost in earnings in 2020 due to the effects of COVID-19. However, after March 2021, our sales took a sharp decline, prompting us to seek out new opportunities within the WordPress ecosystem.

Our second breakthrough came in 2021 when we made the strategic decision to shift our focus to WordPress plugin development in response to the downturn in Themeforest sales. We began creating and selling WordPress plugins through our website, This pivot marked a remarkable turning point for us.

Additionally, we recognize that themes and plugins are distinct products. The theme market has been disrupted by the emergence of Elementor page builder, and the introduction of Gutenberg is expected to bring further changes. In contrast, plugin development is more akin to software development. While no-code solutions are also changing the landscape, we are actively integrating no-code functionalities to benefit our WordPress users.

What do you specialize in? What’s your superpower?

WordPress plugins. Especially, WordPress Learning management system plugin and Cost Calculator builder plugin.

Tell us about work you are particularly proud of

We pushed Stylemixthemes to become one of the Top 20 best-selling authors on the Themeforest marketplace.

What’s your favorite brand and why?

My favorite brand is BMW. I have owned four BMW cars after Mercedes-Benz and Audi. It seems to be the best fit for my expectations in driving. I admire BMW for its commitment to crafting modern and innovative cars designed for an exceptional driving experience. With BMW, you can expect top-notch comfort and unparalleled performance, making every journey a pleasure.

How about your favorite campaign or ad?

This BMW M5 E39 advert is old but I never tire of watching it. It resonates with me because it’s about performance and its cheeky ending. I love how it makes a point about speed without the need to say it.

One of their more recent ads – Retirement is about exploring your wide open future – is just as cheeky. I like that they’re not afraid to give visibility to a competitor. Again, they make a point without having to articulate it.

Can you tell us about a current campaign you are running, or have run recently?

Perhaps not as original as BMW’s, reviews by YouTube influencers have been a great brand-building exercise. We got a decent amount of signups too.

Here’s one by CodeWithHarry, who has close to 6M subscribers. He did a great job highlighting how easy MasterStudy LMS is to install and set up.

Here’s a couple more:

What’s your favorite Marketing tool these days, and why?

Google Ads: It’s easy to see how much money you need to spend to get a certain number of conversions. We’ve been using Google Ads since 2012 and know a lot about how to run successful campaigns there.

SEO: This is a long-term game. You won’t see a flood of traffic right away. Making sure your website is optimized is important, but it’s only part of the picture. You also need to keep working on things like getting other websites to link to yours.

Blog Posts: Writing good blog posts about our products or how people use them can bring in more customers over time. It’s a nice addition to our SEO efforts.

Influencer Marketing: This seems like a good way to get more sales and make more people aware of our brand.

To conclude, can you share a tip that can help WordPress businesses grow?

Ask yourself “What is your mission in the WordPress business you are doing?”

At Stylemix, our mission is straightforward: “Smart Solutions for Business.” This guiding principle distinguishes us from others in our industry. But what makes our mission unique?

While many companies prioritize product creation, we’ve refined our approach to address a fundamental question: Why do business owners require a website? This question underpins our efforts, shaping our product creation and development. We understand that a website is more than just an online presence; it’s a potent tool for businesses to connect with customers, display their offerings, and fuel growth.

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