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Interview | 4 March 2024

Žemyna Treiderė on Omnisend’s WordPress strategy

Žemyna Treiderė answers three questions about Onmisend's efforts in the WordPress space

Žemyna Treiderė was kind enough to provide some context following my Omnisend’s omnipresence in the WordPress space piece.

She is the Affiliate & Influencer Marketing Team Lead and I look forward to catching up with her at WordCamp Asia this week, where Omnisend are a Xiuguluan Mountain sponsor.

Considering the latest efforts to reach and engage a WordPress audience, what is the opportunity for Omnisend for the long term?

Omnisend has built prominence and delivered value to thousands of ecommerce merchants, including those on WooCommerce. We have a powerful marketing automation platform that we are now tailoring to broader WordPress user base – bloggers, event planners, digital content and online course producers, among others.

For us, WordPress ecosystem at large presents a huge opportunity to bring value to new users worldwide; it expands our total addressable market. But more importantly, each WordPress website owner is now able to add a new powerful and tested tool to their arsenal.

What’s the value proposition specifically for this audience?

WordPress is the world’s largest playground for building online presence. At Omnisend, we believe that online presence is inseparable from active communication with one’s audiences. For WordPress community, we are bringing the means to do that at scale.

Specifically, Omnisend can help each WordPress site owner to turn website visitors to subscribers, automate communication based on contacts’ interactions with website and run one-off communications campaigns. Our users can utilise multiple 1:1 channels, including email, SMS and push notifications. Add powerful analytics to that and you get a really strong value mix.

What tips can share with WordPress developers and product owners who may be interested in a similar strategy – to find a niche audience within a broader market segment

WordPress ecosystem is full of wonderful plugins that solve one or several pain-points for site owners. Finding a niche pain-point is a great way to enter the market when you’re starting from scratch.

Since we already have a mature multi-faceted product, we are taking a different approach. Our chosen path is building awareness for all site owners that have (or want to build) active audiences and want to communicate with them in a scalable way. We can enable that out of the box.

In other words, we already have a product that solves multiple pains for WordPress site owners. That is why we can address a large, non-niche part of the market. And that is what we’re trying to do.

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