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WordPress News | 29 November 2023

Bricks Builder announces new plans and pricing

Bricks builder logo

Starting on January 15, 2024, Bricks Builder will be offered on yearly licenses.

When Bricks launched in March 2021 it was offered for a one-time payment of $149 for unlimited websites. After two and a half years and 45 updates later, the page builder has matured and grown to a point where a change in pricing model is not only justified but welcome by the community. Feedback to Thomas Ehrig’s announcement has been very positive.

This is a great development! As an existing user, it’s comforting to know that the tool so important to us has a sustainable financial future 🙂
– Kevin Geary

Thanks for all your work and transparency ! Bricks is definitely the best WP builder out there, and these prices are totally aligned with the value it provides, keep up the good work!
– Louis Chan

In his email to customers, Thomas explained the rationale behind the new plans and pricing.

Those prices were always meant to encourage early adopters to help shape the development of Bricks through our community-driven development & user feedback approach. Facilitated through the public idea board, forum, and our 13,000+ member-strong community on Facebook.

The features & improvements Bricks received since it launched have multiplied its value for every user.

As we approach the end of yet another very successful year for Bricks, we also want to re-align the pricing with the value Bricks provides.

The release of version 2.0 will introduce a set of new features too: Components, Native Filter & Sorting, Live AJAX Search, Global Class Manager, Maintenance Mode. You can track progress of their development on Brick’s public roadmap.

The new plans and pricing

Starting on 15 January, Bricks will be available on the following plans:

  • Starter: USD $79 per year (for 1 site)
  • Business: USD $149 per year (for 3 sites)
  • Agency: USD $249 per year (for unlimited sites)

Bricks Builder homepage
There will also be an Ultimate plan for unlimited sites for a one-off payment of  USD $599. The existing “Starter” lifetime license for new customers will be retired.  Nothing will change for those who will have bought lifetime licenses – they will keep in receiving updates.

The Bricks website was recently re-designed

The new version of features a new design and updated content that do a better job describing and showcasing its capabilities. The menu, for example, is a new feature introduced in version 1.8 back in August this year.

Messaging has change to position it more broadly then the original focus on performance and SEO.



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