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WordPress News | 16 January 2024

Elementor launches image optimization plugin

Elementor image optimizer

Image Optimizer by Elementor is a paid solution sold separately from their page builder and hosting products.

Image Optimizer by Elementor will compete with a number of established WordPress image optimization solutions such a Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer and ShortPixel Image Optimizer. A free version is not available but there is a free trial that includes 100 image credits.

The plugin doesn’t require an Elementor licence and can work with any page builder, theme and WordPress’ own Full Site Editor. A single subscription can work with any number of Elementor licences.

Pricing is yearly and includes a set number of credits:

  • OPTIMIZER 5K – 5,000 credits – USD $49.99 / year  ($0.01 per credit)
  • OPTIMIZER 20K – 20,000 credits – USD $99.99 / year ($0.005 per credit)
  • OPTIMIZER 100K – 100,000 credits – USD $199.99 / year ($0.001 per credit)

The pricing model is somewhat different from competing solutions as there are no unlimited or pay-as-you-go options.

Credits cannot be rolled over to the next year and will be automatically reset.

Image Optimizer by Elementor isn’t bundled with existing products

This may change, though.

When replying to a comment on their announcement, Elementor’s Product Marketing Team Lead, Daniela Belen Soibelman, mentioned that inclusion in paid subscription ‘is being carefully considered’.

An extra 4M ARR for Elementor?

Considering the popularity of image optimizers – several million free versions have been downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory – Image Optimizer by Elementor seems like a well calculated bet to generate revenue by developing a less complex product than what they are used to launch.

There are close to 9M websites using Elementor – a 1% conversion rate translates to an additional 4M ARR. This is speculation, but anything north of 1M ARR would more than justify the investment. This is also the reason why it’s unlikely that the plugin will ever be bundled with an existing product. Or, at least, at a lower price point.

Will we see more new Elementor products in 2o24?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already working on another product of similar complexity that can be offered and priced in a similar way. By the end of Q2 management should have enough numbers to get a sense of whether this approach is working out. Feedback from the early adopted will be critical too.

One last thought: is Elementor is the new WPMU DEV? Are they going to develop a portfolio of Pro products and then bundle them together , as well as offer them as a value-add to their hosting offering?

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