Sarah Gooding announces her ‘Last Call’ at the WP Tavern

18 November 2023 | By Lawrence Ladomery

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After 10 years she is moving on to "embrace a new challenge in the world of tech."

In her final post, Sarah bids farewell and thanks past and present colleagues and her readers, listing her 10 favorite articles out of the 3,021 she wrote since 2013.

She reminds us that when she joined WP Tavern, WordPress was only powering 17.4% of the web, a figure that has now reached 43%.

Her work has was very much appreciated by the community, as reflected in many comments shared on her X post.

Sarah hasn’t shared what her new role will be and what company she will be working for other than mentioning that she will “embrace a new challenge in the world of tech.”

Update | 18 November – Matt Mullenweg posted What’s Next?, thanking Sarah for her contribution and inviting applications for two Writer position.

Update | 22 November 2023 – Sarah announced on X that she has accepted a role of Head of Content at Socket, a solution that helps developers use open source software and stay secure.



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