Servebolt rebrands, presenting a new logo and website

20 November 2023 | By Lawrence Ladomery

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The refreshed visual identity reflects the brand's commitment to performance

In her announcement, Elena Yovcheva, Servebolt’s Marketing Lead, explains the reason behind the exercise:

This rebuild aligns with the values at the core of our company: we’re building a sustainable and fast internet by creating a global, faster, and more efficient website hosting infrastructure that’s accessible to everyone.

Servebolt's new logoThe idea of speed is expressed in the new logo, where a dynamic element is juxtaposed to a static one – “For anything to be perceived as fast, it needs to have a static counterpart.”

The scope of the rebrand was not limited to Servebolt’s visual identity. The website was completely re-designed and re-built, and along with it the new Help Center.

Change has been in the air for some time at Servebolt, starting with the introduction of new plans and pricing back in June this year. There more to come – the team are working on a complete platform overhaul, a new admin panel and public API.

This wasn’t the web host’s first rebrand. When Servebolt was founded back 2014 is was called Raske Sider, which is Norwegian for Fast Pages. The company was renamed in 2017 to address a growing international audience and customer base.



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