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WordPress News | 19 April 2024

WP Includes launches a survey to explore gender equality in WordPress businesses

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The survey is open to everyone to take part, no matter the gender.

The aim is to “gain critical insight into the gender composition of leadership teams, the experiences of women and gender-diverse leaders and employees, and the challenges and barriers to their career success.”

WP Includes’s mission is to drastically increase representation of women in leadership roles at WordPress companies. It was founded by Siobhan McKeown, COO of Human Made, and Francesca Marano, Director of Engineering Learning and Growth at XWP, offering mentorship to women, a network for mentors and mentees and sharing leadership roles within the network.

This survey will inform the the upcoming Gender Equality in WordPress Businesses 2024 report, set to be published later this year, which aims to capture the present state of gender equality within the WordPress business community while offering actionable recommendations to help growfemale and gender-diverse participation in the workforce and foster greater diversity within leadership roles.

“Our hypothesis is that WordPress business leadership is generally male dominated. This is our experience of working within the ecosystem,” said Siobhan McKeown, co-founder of WP Includes and COO at enterprise agency Human Made. “We want to both validate this and learn more about the experience of women and gender-diverse individuals who are working in WordPress businesses, especially when it comes to support at work and opportunities for progression.”

For more information and to participate in the survey, visit Gender Equality in WordPress Businesses Survey.

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