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Google Zero-Click search study: for every 1,000 searches, 360 go to the open web

By Lawrence Ladomery

9 July 2024

SparkToro and Datos (a Semrish company) have compared searches that end with a click with those that don’t, giving us insight into the former too:

Here are the key numbers (for American searches):

  • 41.5% of searches feature a click (70.5% of which go to the open web, 1% to ads, and the rest to Google properties)
  • 37.1% end up with.. no click
  • 21.4% end up with another search

So, 58.5% are considered Zero-Click searches.

Source: 2024 Zero-Click Search Study: For every 1,000 EU Google Searches, only 374 clicks go to the Open Web. In the US, it’s 360, by SparkToro

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