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Lawrence Ladomery
30 May 2024
Lawrence Ladomery
13 May 2024

Breakdance builder pricing set to change

Louis Reingold, CEO @ Soflyy, is giving the community advance notice of price changes:

As we look ahead, we want to keep you informed about upcoming changes to our packages and pricing. Around the time the first public beta of Breakdance 2.0 is released, we’ll probably be adjusting our pricing plans for new customers. However, existing customers will be grandfathered into their current plans indefinitely. Anyone who purchases before the price changes will also retain their existing rates. We’re giving you this advance notice because we value your loyalty and want to ensure you’re aware of the opportunity to secure your pricing indefinitely.

Read the notice: Courtesy Notice: Prices & Packages Will Change


Lawrence Ladomery
13 May 2024

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